Frequent questions asked about making a network grid connection


FAQ Section

What are contestable works?

Contestable works are Electrical Connection works which can be carried out by an Independent Connections Provider such as Green Frog Connect, which will then be adopted by the local Distribution Network Operator for your area.

What are non-contestable works?

Non – contestable works are the works which can only be completed by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for your area.

How do I connect my renewable generator to the grid?

This will very much depend on the type and size of renewable scheme which you are planning to connect.  Typically however a substation will be required to control your side of the electrical plant and another to control the DNO side.  The electricity generated through you renewable generator will be transformed to the required voltage so that it can then be exported into the National Grid.

How much will it cost to connect my renewable
generator/development to the grid?

Again, this will very much depend on the size of the renewable generator, the location and depend on what equipment and network capacity the DNO has in the area.  In general for a connection large enough to connect a larger scale renewable development to the grid then it will likely cost between £100k and £500k.  Costs can be significantly increased where the DNOP considers that reinforcement works are required in order for the network to be able to take the increased capacity.  However, here at Green Frog Connect, we have a range of resources and experienced engineers who will be able to provide you with an Independent Grid Connection Assessment at a very early stage in your project, therefore confirming whether the investment could still be considered viable. 

How could I save money on my connection offer?

Green Frog Connect have a great deal of experience in the Electrical Connections sector and therefore are often able to challenge quotes received from the DNO.  It may be that Green Frog Connect are able to complete the works quoted by the DNO themselves at a reduced cost, or we may be able to suggest an alternative connection solution which may cost significantly less.

How long will it take?

The DNO has set timescales which are set out by OFGEM and have to be adhered to.  However, the DNOs are not always motivated to provide an economic service in relation to costs and timescales. Typically however, connecting a scheme to the grid will take somewhere in the region of 6 months to one year.  This is where Green Frog Connect can assist by challenging the DNO to ensure that our clients deadlines are met.  We can also assist by utilising our experience at dealing with connection protocols and providing alternative solutions which produce time and cost savings.

What are the potential pitfalls?
What could go wrong and how can the risk be reduced?

As with any business venture which relies on the involvement of third parties, there is an additional element of risk. 

Delays caused by the DNO

Green Frog Connect can significantly reduce this risk by chasing the DNO throughout the project.  Our highly developed internal systems allow us full visibility of every stage of each project we are involved in and this allows us to ensure the DNO are providing the service they are obliged to.  In addition, due to the vast experience Green Frog have in this sector, we have built up excellent working relationships with the regional DNO’s engineers, thus ensuring their full cooperation to support our projects.

We are also experienced at ensuring the design and construction of all our projects is “right first time.”  This ensure that delays are not caused where schemes have to be reissued for design approval, or witness testing onsite needs to be rescheduled etc.

Delays caused by long lead time items, e.g. electrical plant

Green Frog Connect have favourable long-term contracts with our tier-one suppliers, which include the major manufacturers of transformers, switchgear and other lead time critical equipment.  Therefore we can accelerate orders from them.