Green Frog Connect are fully accredited by Lloyds Register


Lloyds Register National Electricity Scheme

Green Frog Connect are accredited by Lloyds Register as an Independent Connections Provider (ICP).  We hold accreditations in a wide range of categories including LV and HV jointing up to and including 132kV, Design for schemes up to and including 132kV as well as scopes covering civil works, cable laying and overhead line works.

This allows us to provide an alternative solution to our clients for connecting to the national grid, often within a shorted timescale and reduced cost to that which can be offered by the relevant DNO.

Green Frog Connect are fully accredited to carry out contestable Design and Construction works up to and including 132kV. Our range of scopes includes:

  • Civil Works
  • Cable laying (up to 132kV)
  • Cable Jointing (up to 132kV)
  • Substation Installation (up to 132kV)
  • Electrical Design Works (up to 132kV)
  • Overhead Pole Works (up to 132kV)

You can view the Lloyds Register of ICPs by following this link