Safe, reliable and cost-effective connection and installation of electrical infrastructure


Making a New Grid Connection

Regardless of whether your new grid connection is to be made into a distribution network or the national grid the first step is to determine if a connection can be made at a commercially-viable price for the project. Green Frog Connect have a great deal of experience at understanding the various parameters which can affect the viability of a project based on the potential grid connection solutions. We also have access to the network records of the regional DNOs, so can effectively estimate where grid capacity is likely to be achievable on a particular area of the network.

Grid Connection Application

Our engineers prepare the grid connection application which contains all the information the DNO need to assess the proposal. It is critical that this information is accurately presented according to a strict protocol – failure to do so will cause real delay to the project. If the correct information is not presented accurately from the beginning of the application process then this could result in the application being rejected by the DNO and therefore resulting in increasing timescales. Our engineers then monitor the connection process and consult with the network operator through a successful Connection Offer. We are familiar with the various standards of services which are applicable to each of the DNOs and therefore we can monitor the application throughout the process to ensure the DNO are meeting their obligations throughout. We then design and cost the infrastructure.


Grid Connection Process

All connections which are relevant under the Competitions in Connections scheme are subject to a number of terms, conditions and standards or service which are specified by the regulator OFGEM. An illustration of the process can be seen below:

  • Apply for Point of Connection (POC), Non Contestable Charges. It may also be advisable to request a quote for the Contestable Works from the DNO at this stage
  • The DNO will respond with details of the relevant charges. The timeframe for this part of the process is stated by OFGEM and depends on the type of connection required. Typically this will be at least 30 days. Green Frog Connect can assist with ensuring the application is correctly completed and will monitor to ensure the DNO processes the application within the timeframe
  • On receipt of the quotation from the DNO, Green Frog Connect will review the information provided and ensure that the quotes represent the most suitable and effective solutions and costed appropriately. At this stage we will also be able to quote for the contestable works and it is highly possible that Green Frog Connect will be able to complete the contestable works at a lower charge to the client
  • If the contestable works are awarded to Green Frog Connect then design work will commence and we will submit a Design Pack to the DNO for approval.
  • The Point of Connection and Non- Contestable charges, once checked and challenged where appropriate, can now be accepted
  • Adoption agreements will be drawn up and required signing by all parties (Client, DNO and Green Frog Connect).
  • Procurement of the relevant Electrical Plant and Cables will be progressed by Green Frog Connect
  • The contestable construction works will be programmed and completed by Green Frog Connect in conjunction with the works required to be carried out by the DNO
  • All commissioning and testing will be completed in conjunction with the requirements of the relevant DNO, in order to ensure a smooth handover for all parties
  • Final Connection by the DNO will be completed and the network will be energised
  • Our innovative approach has been successful in reducing non-contestable costs.
  • Our streamlined processes have managed to reduce delivery programmes significantly